"People who are constantly starving for endless attention are more often than not, lacking in the departments of Self-Love and Humility."


"The reason most people are too afraid to wake up is because they prefer to live in their fairy tale La La Land. Otherwise, they'd totally LOSE THEIR SHIT. They can't handle seeing reality for what it is, not for how it appears to be."


"Does 'outer space' really exist? Not in the way we've been told or taught.

'Outer Space' is a level of 'density'. The sea is a 'space'. Earth is a 'space'. Your MIND / CONSCIOUSNESS is also a 'SPACE'. Space isn't necessarily lack of something. It IS something."


"How do you BREAK The Matrix? It starts from WITHIN. Your Consciousness is what 'The Matrix' has a hold of. Since birth. Indoctrinated. Sedated. Fluoridated. GMOs. Chemtrails. TV. Lies. Deception. Deceit. Decoys. Divisiveness. The cure? The Simple Remedy. Reclaim OWNERSHIP of your Consciousness. Reconnect with Your Spirit. Remember Your Highest Self. You're not a robot. You're a SPIRITUAL Being having a Human Experience. You're here to Transform this World into a Kinder More Harmonious Place. You are a Gift. Your Life is a Blessing. You are being CALLED UPON to use your Gifts, your Skills, your unique Talents, YOUR VOICE, to Speak Up and Speak Out Against Tyranny."

- Morphy.X