There's no telling what you can accomplish, when you got faith in your heart and hope beneath your wings.

God, Creator, Intelligent Infinity. Wants you to succeed, to prosper, to thrive, to feel completely. ALIVE.

Don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise. They Be the 1'z who loathe and despise. Behind closed doors, a different disguise. To each their own reprise. Such is the word. To the Wise.

Adam's Family. 4. Life.


"Rational Thinkers are considered Radical by those who enjoy being culled, subdued, manipulated, controlled and told exactly what/how to 'think'."


"Weak men (or women) with Power do horrible things, like oppress other people.

Honourable men (or women) with Power will use that power to empower others. "

-Morphy.X ©

"The only misinformation being put out there is by the ones telling YOU and your CHILDREN to place BLIND TRUST in 💉manufacturers who have ZERO LIABILITY in case of INJURY or DEATH.

It's not a question of being Pro / Anti 💉. It's a question of COMMON SENSE.


- Morphy.X

It's truly tragic, many people won't recognize the signs of Dictatorial Authoritarian Tyranny, till it's way too late, after they've willingly gave up all their rights and freedoms in exchange for an illusion of safety.