Whenever we keep God in our heart, there is always hope. Hope we shall prevail, we shall overcome, whatever the hardships and obstacles may be, how difficult they might appear to be, with hope in our heart and faith in God, we can find courage and strength to carry on and move forward in life.


"What is Faith? Faith is the conviction of and worship of and surrender to an omniscient omnipresent omnipotent 'Higher Power', aka God aka Intelligent Infinity. It's a one-on-one direct link and line of communication with Divine Creator. There's blind faith -which most believers have- and then there's awakened faith- which requires the believers to overcome dogmatic belief systems (and the indoctrination into those belief systems aka religions), and come to the ultimate realization: we are all ONE. Doesn't mean we are gods, that's new age mumbo jumbo. It means we have the Spark of Divinity within us. And that faith must always stem from a place and space of Universal Love -towards oneself and unto others, even if they don't believe or practice or worship as you do. God gave us eyes to see the physical realm, but the Pineal Gland (aka 3rd Eye) to see beyond it and through it. BLESS."

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