There's no telling what you can accomplish, when you got faith in your heart and hope beneath your wings.

God, Creator, Intelligent Infinity. Wants you to succeed, to prosper, to thrive, to feel completely. ALIVE.

Don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise. They Be the 1'z who loathe and despise. Behind closed doors, a different disguise. To each their own reprise. Such is the word. To the Wise.

Adam's Family. 4. Life.


The timeline we're on right now is NOT set in stone. The Elites KNOW this very well. We CAN ALWAYS shift the Timeline. ALWAYS. Take back CONTROL of your Mind. Reclaim SOVEREIGNTY over your Being. RECONNECT with your Higher Consciousness. BE ONE WITH UNIVERSAL LOVE.


I'll put this as simple as possible:

You CANNOT comply & obey your way out of tyranny.

Never in the history of humankind, have we overthrown dictators by simply blindly following their orders.

It's ALWAYS taken Courage. Bravery. Defiance. Sacrifices. Blood, Sweet & Tears. Prayers help too.