The Sum of Our History

Can you just imagine, if humanity diverted its attention away from a con game on a global scale, towards higher consciousness universal self-awareness awakening of the Solar Plexus Chakra…. We’d probably be levitating.

We are the sum of our history, no? We are what we’ve learned and NOT learned. Have we grown up but not really matured? That’s probably it. Maturity. It is the by-product of acquiring wisdom. But where does one’s wisdom come from? The sum of our history.

The sum of our deeds, our actions, our pitfalls, our losses, our triumphs, our tribulations, our lessons, our mistakes, our good decisions and not so good ones. The sum of our misdeeds, when we left someone’s heart to bleed, speaking metaphorically. Where will it lead? The sum of our deeds.

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