Double-Jabbed. No Underlying Health Conditions. Bridgerton Emmy winner SUPPOSEDLY dies of ‘C19’

Double-Jabbed. No Underlying Health Conditions. “Dies of Covid.”
YEAH RIGHT and Pigs Can Fly!
Media is COMPLICIT in Crimes Against Humanity by continuing to perpetuate this MASSIVE GLOBAL DEPOPULATION AGENDA.

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The straight up audacity of these pathological liars in legacy media to frame this man’s death as a result of “covid-19”, when it’s completely obvious, that it’s whatever was in the synthetic mRNA Gene Therapy nanoparticles biotechnology INJECTION is what most likely killed him. But NO, let’s not put that info out there, it goes against the precious (and very fragile) narrative. They seriously think we’re all DUMB AF. Sadly, they’re mostly right. Unfortunately, there is a SHIT TON OF PEOPLE who are so brainwashed, they don’t even know how to think critically and independently so they’ll believe ANYTHING that the media spews. Lies. Deception. Decoys. Distraction. It’s really sad and pathetic.

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