Tik Tok Permanently Deleted My Account Today

Earlier this year, after Instagram deleted/banned/censored my original & highly successful page @breaking.the.matrix, on the advice of my brother from another mother Trebles Garcia (from Paranoi Radio Podcast and fellow Red Pill Heavy Hitter), I created an account on Tik Tok to upload some of my Higher Consciousness Content on there. I never took Tik Tok too seriously, I knew it’s a CCP-controlled platform.

In the past week, my account started blowin’ the fuck up, more views and likes and comments than ever. In a matter of 2-3 days, my follows nearly tripled. I guess the ‘powers that shouldn’t be’ got upset with the fact that I was reaching more people and opening more eyes & minds, so once again, Breaking The Matrix is targeted for censorship.

All the blog posts I had linked to my Tik Tok videos, those are now basically trash.

Time for a new strategy.

Oh and FUCK TIK TOK, lame ass platform anyway.

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