Please READ THIS BOOK and SHARE IT as FAR AND AS WIDE AS POSSIBLE. Anytime ANYONE says anything to dismiss or reject any ‘conspiracy theories’ about Covid-19 being used as a Massive Global False Flag Psy-Ops to finalize the set up of a Authoritarian World Order, point them to this BOOK – or give them the link to this page, or just download it and send it to them.

From Amazon, here’s the book’s “vanilla” watered-down description:


Here are a couple of the Amazon reviews about this book (more like a nefarious guide to establish the New World Order)

One last screen shot:

I’ve never ever seen a book get so many negative reviews. As bad as it sounds, you still gotta read it and inform yourself of their plans.

For those who are sceptical and say ‘Why would they just publish their evil agenda for the whole world to read it? It doesn’t make any sense‘. The same reason Hitler wrote his notorious journal Mein Kampf. Because there are specific universal codes these negative beings must adhere to, one of them being “REVELATION OF THE METHOD“.

To sum it up, Negative Entities (Dracos / Archons/ Reptilians) and/or their Proxies (aka the Rothschild Cabal) cannot rule over this world without our consent. That’s why they plant subliminal messages scattered throughout popular media, often using their own occult language of numbers and symbolism. It will fly under the radar for most folks who are deep in their brainwashed indoctrination slumber to actually realize that they’re being told of events to unfold. It’s also come to be known as Predictive Programming. Look it up.

They always have to reveal their plans (even if it’s parts and pieces of it), and absolutely REQUIRE our consent to rule over us.

This book is a clear demonstration of that. Klaus Schwab has ZERO noble or altruistic or selfless intentions for humankind. Absolutely NONE. That psychotic sociopath is on record saying he wants to put a MICROCHIP in people’s brains:

All this to say, it is IMPERATIVE to download and READ the book. Oh yeah, and share it.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the book which I’ve found very interesting and wanted to share.

Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
Page 17
Page 18
Page 20
Page 21
Pages 21-22
Page 24
Page 26
Page 28
Pages 32-33

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