Justin Trudeau in Clear Violation of the Criminal Code of Canada

Here is Justin Trudeau, a Prime Minister, someone who is SUPPOSED to forge Unity in his country, and who is supposed to uphold, preserve, defend and protect the Canadian Charter of Rights And Freedoms. Instead, he’s doing the exact opposite. Listen to him spew hate speech against ‘anti-vaxers’, it’s actually men and women are are OPPOSED to Medical Apartheid and who are standing up for Health Freedom for All. Yet, he’s scapegoating them to scare fearful gullible people to vote for him in Canada’s upcoming elections. Very low, dirty and underhanded. Totally showing his colours as Castro Jr who is out to build a Communist Authoritarian Regime in Canada.

If that’s not Public Incitement of Hatred, I don’t know what is.

Now let’s take a look at the Criminal Code of Canada, specifically Section 319(1):

Source: https://www.criminal-code.ca/criminal-code-of-canada-section-319-1-public-incitement-of-hatred/index.html

He is clearly and unequivocally expressing a lack of sympathy for what he refers to as ‘anti-vaxers’, a total mischaracterization done purposely to vilify & demonize people who are simply seeking to defend their rights and freedoms as Canadians under the Charter of Rights & Freedoms and who are opposing a 2-tier Medical Apartheid Society. Therefore, his vitriolic hateful words are a Public Incitement of Hatred (and discrimination) towards a group of individuals who simply want to preserve their Health Freedoms as protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Anyone who says otherwise is simply a tyrant-enabler.

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