Australia’s “Quarantine” Camps

Are you paying attention to what's going on in Australia? That's the plan for the entire world.

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Does the above image remind you of something very horrific and eerie???


If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Australia’s quick descent into a tyrannical draconian authoritarian police state. Every day, the unhinged radical regime of the Australian government is imposing harsh ‘mandates’ and passing through laws which violate the most basic human rights and civil liberties.


These supposed ‘quarantine’ camps are intended for travellers returning to Australia who must fork out $2500 AUD (Australian Dollars) per person for a 14 day period. I guess they don’t trust people to remain in their homes, so the government decided to CHARGE people to quarantine themselves in a camp which eerily resembles a Fascist Nazi concentration camp. No one is comparing the Covid Scamdemic to the Holocaust, but we are saying PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIMILARITIES! Because guess what, this is a Holocaust AGAINST ALL OF HUMANITY.

Back to the Howards Springs “Quarantine” Camp. People will be paying to live in almost prison-like individual cells which they call ‘rooms’, although not as dingy and dirty looking and at least you’re not sleeping right next to the toilet seat.


Now here comes the ‘fun’ part (sarcasm intended). All the RULES that comes with staying in this concentration camp — I mean, QUARANTINE camp.

The following are screenshots from the official governmental website which is overseeing and running these camps:

Do those rules not sound like you’re a prisoner, with a guard watching over you and giving you permissions?! At least prisoners have yard time, where they can congregate with others and play sports. Wait, it gets even more interesting.

You’re a prisoner. Can’t set foot outside your veranda unless you’re authorized to do so by an officer aka the prison guard. Now, they will subject you to graphene oxide by way of unreliable ‘testing’ using PCR, so they can either collect your DNA, or poison you with a carcinogen.

But wait, THERE’S MORE!

Just like an inmate in a state penitentiary, you’re not allowed cooking equipment, alcohol, toys, or basically anything that can be used to dare an escape from your hell hole. Oh and if you got kids, you might be separated from them or not, depends on rooms available. And speaking of children, no toys or bikes or balls or anything fun, that’s unbelievably inhumane and psychologically abusive. The toll on their mental and emotional wellbeing after spending 14 days like this. Insanity.

I’m not purposely trying to draw the undeniable similarities between these Australian “Quarantine” Camps to Concentration Camps and Prison Cells, but it’s impossible NOT to see what’s taking shape in a former ‘prison colony’ of the British Empire.

It’s official, Australia is no longer a free and open democratic society. There is no Free Speech allowed anymore, people are stripped of their dignity and human rights, children are subjected to mental and emotional abuse, and there’s absolutely ZERO media coverage from the West. ZERO. Zilch. NADA.

And from the Australian media’s standpoint, this “quarantine” camp is the “gold standard“. Their words not mine.

Pray for Australia. It has fallen.

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