The Canadian Charter of Rights VS ‘Vaccine Mandates’

A response to this CTV News Article – please read it first before proceeding.

They (media and the govt) call them ‘vaccine mandates’ because if they DARED to call it ‘forced vaccination’, it would open up the govt to lawsuits as it will directly infringe upon the Canadian Charter of Rights. They’re essentially using LEGALESE to bypass the Charter and INDRECTLY impose the vaccine.

The Govt knows fully well they are TRAMPLING all over the Canadian Charter Of Rights and Freedoms. But THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT. The govt may not be forcefully holding you down and jabbing you, but they might as well be. They found a LOOPHOLE in the Charter and they are EXPLOITING IT.

GASLIGHTING & VILIFYING unvaccinated people and THREATENING their livelihoods by Not Allowing them to Travel Freely in their own Country without a Vax Pass is NOT being forceful?! What is it then? Being courteous, accommodating, caring, compassionate?! It’s IMMORAL, REPREHENSIBLE and REPUGNANT. Gee, I wonder which oppressive dictatorial regimes in history employed those same methods of control…hmmmm…

Alas, what else do you expect from a bunch of opportunistic crooks in suits, pathological liars, narcissists, sociopaths, with delusional illusions of grandeur who truly believe they are above the law— because they manipulate the law in whatever way suits them, their crony friends, their Elitist friends, their campaign donors, and all of their agendas, best. This is the result of what happens when you keep scrapping the bottom of the barrel, and keep voting for the ‘lesser of two evils’. You still get evil no matter what.

Do you really think and believe the government cares about you, when they using legalese and loopholes so they can impose a vaccine passport to limit and restrict your freedoms unless you get an experimental irreversible still-in-clinical-trials synthetic mRNA nanoparticles biotechnology Gene Therapy injection with potential hazardous and life threating side effects?!?! Are you really going to allow a morally and spiritually bankrupt government base your and your children’s God-given unalienable rights & freedoms on an endless number of shots every couple of months which you will be INDRECTLY FORCED TO TAKE OR OTHERWISE NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN SOCIETY?!

If you do not see the clear, imminent and present DANGER that’s STARING YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE than you have failed humanity and your children and everyone else too. But hey, I get it, you want to travel, you are afraid of being shun by family and friends, it’s for job security, and the long list of ‘excuses’ go on and on and on… Not judging, but I ask: who’s really being the selfish ones here?!

What ALL vaccinated people who took the shot and downloaded the vaccine passport fail to see is that they are complicit in establishing the Social Credit Score system. For now, it’s get this vaccine or be ostracised from society. Next it will be: don’t post anything anti-government and you won’t be banned from entering your local grocery store? Don’t think it’s possible? LOOK AT THE CCP MODEL OF THE SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE IN CHINA. I’m not reproaching Chinese people, but the Orwellian Surveillance State which they’ve been indoctrinated to accept as ‘the new normal’. Want more proof that it’s heading there? Look at what’s happening in Australia. DO THE RESEARCH. It’s become a Totalitarian Authoritarian Police State.

I digress, I’m probably speaking (typing) to the ether. Who knows who this will reach. If it’s meant to awaken just ONE SOUL, than at least I’ve cause a positive impact somehow some way.

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Sending Universal Love… Morphy.X

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