BTM UPDATES: Censorship Attacks from multiple platforms. And the Open Mind Society.

Getting hit hard by Censorship Gestapo on multiple platforms. All within a matter of a 2 weeks period. Big Brother Big Tech Social Media giants feeling threatened by the knowledge and wisdom I share and by the potential reach of my posts and how many people it’s waking up.

Originally tweeted by BreakingTheMatrix (@MorphyDotX) on August 28, 2021.

Putting out any information that which doesn’t follow or go along the ‘mainstream’ fabricated narratives approved by the Globalist Zionist Rothschild Cabal, will get you censored, shadow banned, and your page/posts will eventually get suppressed. That’s been happening to myself and similar profiles all across Big Brother Big Tech Social Media platforms.

In the last few weeks, Breaking The Matrix profiles across several platforms have been targeted and subjected to an intensifying pressure of unprecedented censorship. From Spotify removing my 1st ever podcast episode. To Tik Tok deleting a video which they deemed to violate their ‘community guidelines’, to Instagram’s relentless shadow bans and more recently, not even able to upload new content on the main page of ‘morphydotx‘. It’s getting tougher and tougher to put the truth and knowledge out there. Yet, you got accounts like Ali and her son Alex Zeck, who keep going, with hundreds of thousands of followers. I ain’t hating on them. But when you don’t speak on The Rothchild Cabal and expose Rothschild’s Israel’s war crimes and don’t shine a light on the Satanic Pedophile Cabal, you tend to get a ‘free pass’. But beware, some of these accounts are part of an organized coordinated effort to infiltrate and subvert the Awakening community, and also to keep tabs on the people that follow them. Look up Operation Zyphr.

In all honesty, I’ve reached a point of not giving a fuck about posting up content through Big Brother Big Tech Social Media anymore. What’s the point. If you’re not awakened by now, chances are, you will never ever be, because you’re still trapped by fear, denial, and cognitive dissonance. My goal now is to reach out to those who are already awakened and empower them with knowledge and wisdom that will make a positive impact and a difference in their lives, so they can manifest a world with greater harmony. In other words, be part of the shift of humanity’s timeline to a Higher Consciousness.

As such, I’ve joined a new community of like-minded spiritual beings on a mission to exchange wisdom and knowledge, empower one another, enlighten each other, and uplift the frequency of humanity’s collective consciousness.

In one of my recent podcast episodes, I interviewed Jacquelynne Holmes, she is the creator and mastermind behind Open Mind Society. Although I haven’t yet contributed to her wonderful initiative, I will be developing and producing unique content strictly for that platform, which hosts a whole bunch of amazing content from many creators who are passionate about sharing their insight about spirituality, entrepreneurship, life coaching, and other great topics. No censorship. No shadow bans. No account or post suppression. Just Free Speech. And connecting with fellow Light Warriors on the same journey to elevate, and shift humanity’s timeline towards 5D spiritual growth and higher consciousness evolution.

Besides the Open Mind Society forum platform, there’s also a community of fellow Truth seekers and sharers of knowledge you can connect with on their official Discord channel. You can join HERE. It’s a great place to escape the drudgery of Big Brother Social Media and their reign of censorship.

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be posting exclusive content on Open Mind Society, and might even make it available for my totally awesome and loyal Patreon members. We’ll see how things go.

So those are your Breaking The Matrix updates for the time being. Appreciate your loyalty and support. Sending Universal Love. BLESS.

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