A message for those who are just waking up…

You’re here because you took the RED PILL and are beginning to see ‘reality’ as it is, not as what it appears to be… You’re here because your Spirit has guided you here, you are seeking to expand your consciousness and deepen your awareness… You’re here because you’re no longer buying into the manufactured narratives being spun by the propagandists in mainstream media who are all bought and paid for by special interests that benefit directly from our collective ignorance… You’re here because you’ve chosen the path of Universal Love and The Great Universal Ascension Awakening, no longer falling for the deceptions and deceitfulness of this world.

Always keep an inquisitive mind, challenge your own set of beliefs and perceptions in order to acquire more knowledge and wisdom. Whenever you’re not allowed to question the status quo, or any specific narrative, there is where you need to dig for more truth because it’s waiting for you to find it… Seek out from within, from your Highest Self with the noblest of intentions, to be guided always in the journey of your spiritual evolution as a spiritual being having this short humanly existence.

We are in a matrix of co-created simulation, and the archons / dracos/ reptilians are fully aware how to harness and harvest our energies to manifest it to their desired world… (a deeper layer of our ‘reality’ that is kept hidden from us). Once you unplug from the heavy indoctrination we’ve all been subjected to, you will gradually and slowly reclaim that power, taking it away from them. Without our minds, our consciousness, our obedience and our compliance to their will, they cannot rule over us… Remember your power. Remember your journey. Remember why your spirit chose to come here… Remember and fully claim your ownership over your own mind, your own consciousness and your Highest Self.

your humble guide down and all around these strange bizarre twisted rabbit holes,


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