Fuck You, Instagram

It’s no secret, Instagram doesn’t like me, in fact they DESPISE me, all because I keep exposing the Rothschild Cabal and the Globalist Zionist Deep State. They deleted my old main account breaking.the.matrix which had over 95 THOUSAND followers that took years to build organically. They’ve deleted so many of my other back-ups, I’ve lost count. Fuck you, Instagram.

In the last few months, they have been steadily increasing their shadow banning of my posts and suppression of my page. I can’t even mention/tag morphydotx from my 2nd account BTMtube. That’s fucked up. I even checked all the settings on both pages. All is as it should. Fuck you, Instagram.

But, they can’t stop the juice. I’ll keep posting, and from now on, all posts will automatically be sent to my official private group on Telegram. Make sure you join HERE. Fuck you, Instagram.

Censorgram can kiss my unapologetically red pilled ass. Big Brother Big Tech can’t stop the flow of information. One way or another, people will find their way to the Truth, and the Truth will be found by those who genuinely seek it. Knowledge is power. That’s what they want to keep from us. No matter what, keep posting, keep sharing, and don’t ever ever loose hope!

Fuck you, Instagram.

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