Medical Apartheid Coming Worldwide!

This is how they will FRAGMENT / SEGREGATE society, turning those who opted to trust the failing narrative of the scam demic against those who use their better judgement, do their own independent research and decide NOT to get implanted with the Mark Of The Beast.

Say NO to Medical Apartheid! Don’t let them turn you against friends or family members whether or not they choose to get the jab. This is clearly a divide and conquer tactic because they are getting desperate.

Remember, it is YOUR HUMAN RIGHT to decide what goes into YOUR OWN BODY, no one has that authority over you. If you wanna get the shot, do it, but if you decide to opt out, than it’s nobody’s right to tell you otherwise and you shouldn’t have to be excluded from society for your right of medical freedom.

If you’re jabbed, then technically, you shouldn’t have to worry about the virus itself or the un-jabbed. Otherwise, it means you don’t fully trust the wackcine (so, why’d you get it in the first place?). You cannot expect other people to live in your sphere of fear. That’s not only selfish, it is immoral and wrong.

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