The Trump Deception: A Cunning Zionist Con Man?

This video does a great job of presenting undeniable and irrefutable FACTS, which can be verified and authenticated at your own pace and discretion. Do not let your ‘love’ or ‘support’ for Donald Trump blind you from a reality you may be subconsciously desperately trying to avoid. Let’s not forget he spear-headed Operation Warp Speed for militarization of the mass vaccination roll out.

He represents False Hope. A distraction. Deception. Deflection. Decoy. A false messiah of sorts for people to believe in that will NOT reveal the full truth. But will instead mix half-truths within deceitfulness in order to mislead and misdirect his followers. Honestly, I wish it wasn’t so. I like him for calling MSM what they really are: Fake News (they are and they know they are). I respected his decision when he fired Anthony FRAUDci. But it remains, he is literally surrounded by the Swamp & Establishment he claims he wants to drain.

As for the part about Alex Jones, I’ve been saying for YEARS that he’s nothing but a Zionist Mossad Controlled Opposition Psy-Ops Agent.

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