The Path of Universal Love

The process of healing begins when self-victimization ends. People appear as teachers and/or as reflections and/or as residual karma and/or as projections of deep seeded wounds/insecurities/ego that remain unattended to for long periods of times. All must be acknowledged as the Universe speaking and the Universe working to help us overcome our earthly limitations in order to ascend beyond this density of Existence.

In essence, God the Eternal Intelligent Infinity Source of All Consciousness doesn’t have a “religion” (a man-made institution weaponized for control), but there is a path… Divine Oneness of Universal Love. Those who do not operate on this wavelength/frequency, whether through deeds / actions/ speech are not on the Divine Wisdom path. No matter how ‘religious’ or ‘spiritual’ they try (or appear) to be, authenticity in the Path of Divine Oneness is key. For we are here as students and as potential teachers unto others. We overcome the pain by overcoming our cycles of self-abuse (whether self-inflicted or externally imposed). The journey of growth is a long arduous one that requires the ability to forego patterns which no longer serve our Highest Calling and to become One with the Divine Oneness of Universal Love.



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