What is the point of getting this shot?!?! Someone EXPLAIN it to me!

For once, I’d like to have someone -anyone- who took this irreversible experimental synthetic mRNA nanoparticles biotech Gene Therapy injection, explain to me their logic for rolling up their sleeves and getting the jab -thereby agreeing to and giving full consent to be Big Pharma’s lab rat.
I genuinely wholeheartedly want to understand your position because it doesn’t make an ounce of sense. You’re getting the shot so you can travel, or so things can go ‘back to normal’, or so you can be allowed back on school campus again or, or work again, or be able to go to the pub to have beer? Is that how cheap your soul is? Do you even know what’s in the actual injection, did you even bother to do ANY independent research whatsoever or do you simply and solely rely on MSM to feed you all the information (which is almost always distorted and biased)?

Okay, lemme ask you this then: when you buy a food product, do you take time to read the label and list of ingredients? Why then did you not care enough about your own Self and body to at least listen to people who have been trying to WARN YOU about this shot? Do you really think there’s that many kooky crazy ‘conspiracy theorists’ out there who just want to see the world burn into chaos, or is it there even a SLIGHT possibility these brave souls speaking out actually CARE about humanity’s fate?! Why do you shun them then, what are you so afraid of? That they can ACTUALLY be RIGHT?! Hurting yourself to prove someone else wrong is not the way out of this predicament.

We will not judge the ones who choose to get the shot (whether you’re a family member, friend or even a stranger), it’s YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE. So, do not judge us for standing up for what we believe in in defence of Freedom Of Choice, Health Freedom and Free Speech for the sake of humanity and future generations to come. We are NOT the ones being selfish putting ourselves out there to be mocked and ridiculed by close minded shallow naïve people who cannot even begin to grasp the serious implications of this War on Humanity’s Collective Consciousness. Step aside, and let us be Defenders of Light as Warriors of Universal Love.

Always remember, We The People are ALL The 99%, they cannot defeat us if we are ALL united.

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