Catherine Austin Fitts: C-Nineteen & The Transhumanist Agenda Of The New World Order

They didn’t make the synthetic mRNA biotech nanoparticle Gene Therapy jab for the Kovid scam demic, they made the Kovid scam demic for the jab (remember the Hegelian Dialectic: problem, reaction, solution) Why would they go to such great lengths you may ask? Excellent question. The answer: to have an excuse to coerce people (through fear and bribery) to get the shot, and thereby drive/impose the 💉 passport on an international level. Basically, the gullible fearful naïve people are enthusiastically building their own prison and don’t even know it. It’s such a sad state of affairs to witness unfold.

This is a MUST-WATCH video. Make sure to share with anyone already Red Pilled. Unfortunately, the sleeping sheep masses will not even comprehend what she’s talking about.

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