BTM Podcast Presents: THE RED PILL HEAVY HITTERS – Part 3

This project is a manifestation to create more Unity in the Awakening community by bringing together a diverse collective of contrasting perspectives.

It is an INTERNATIONAL Podcast Crossover Collaboration featuring THE RED PILL HEAVY HITTERS:

We kicked it off in PART 1 on The Fail Academy

Then we shifted into high gear in PART 2 on Paranoi Radio

And finally, we straight blasted into the Higher Consciousness Cosmos in this final (?) part of the podcast crossover series.

Each part is available on all major podcast streaming platforms (Apple, Google, Spotify, etc).

During the 3-Part series, listeners will be treated to a wide range of Red Pill topics as we jump from one rabbit hole to another: 9/11, Mandela Effect, MK-Ultra, Anthony Fauci, AZ Vote Audit, Reptilians / Archons / ETs, Flat Earth theory, Time, Space, the Scam Sham Planned Demic, and so much more.

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