The Red Pill Heavy Hitters Podcast Crossover Series – Part 2: PARANOI RADIO

Part 2 of the RED PILL HEAVY HITTERS Podcast Crossover Series is official out today on Paranoi Radio via all podcast streaming services.

If you enjoyed PART 1 that was hosted by JB on The Fail Academy, you are most definitely gonna love this one cuz Trebles Garcia and Big Tank bring that West Coast heat (and humour) to the mix with their hosting style. Another international collabo featuring Perception Real from the UK, The Fail Academy from US (East Coast), yours truly reppin’ for We The North (Canada) and Trebles even crossed the border and did his thing from Mexico while his co-host was in Cali-For-Ni-A (Wessside). This is all for all of our listeners.

It’s available on all podcast streaming services, via their official site HERE or just click play below:

We all had a blast recording it, it was a great show of unity and contrasting diversity of perspectives. Make sure to like, subscribe, share and follow Paranoi Radio on their Instagram page and podcast show.

Part 3 coming on Friday, co-hosted by Perception Real and yours truly, on my podcast show, Breaking The Matrix.

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