2021 G7 Hypocrisy: Cameras ON vs. Cameras OFF

“Rules for thee, not for me”. The world’s a stage…

The political class have run amuck, unhinged and unchecked with unfettered power for over a year. This was a celebration for them, and where else but the political hub of the New World Order, with her reptilian blood-sucking majesty, Queen E.

If after watching this, you still want to place your complete and blind trust in these pathological liars and narcissistic hypocrites, than I feel sorry for you, but more sorry for all of humankind because the further we consent and acquiesce to their mundane mandates, the further this scam sham demic prolongs itself unnecessarily. This ends when we ALL SAY NO! No to the masks, no to social distancing, no to isolating our elders, No to traumatizing our children through this psychological warfare. JUST SAY NO!

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