Dr Kary Mullis VS Dr Anthony FRAUDci

Inventor of the PCR test, the late Dr Kary Mullis who passed away just a couple of months before this SCAM demic began, explains how it can be used –correction, MISUSED to generate false positives, which in return are then used to inflate the number of “cases”. Anybody can be diagnosed with ANYTHING with enough cycles.

Like I keep saying over and over, the whole bogus concept of ‘asymptomatic’ is a big fat giant lie used to scare people into accepting all these ridiculous mundane mandates and submit themselves into submissiveness, compliance and acquiescence to unabashed draconian tyranny.

Oh and Dr Mullis knew that Dr Anthony Fauci was a total scumbag FRAUD of the highest order. Why is that criminal always shoved in our faces like he’s some kind of foremost expert in virology and immunology? He’s got stakes in Big Pharma, so of course he’d want people to get jabbed and to continue this grande deception. He’s literally getting RICHER from it.

Also, I find it very sus that Dr Mullis died in November 2019, the timing of his passing is EXTREMELY coincidental and telling. Because if the inventor of the PCR is still alive, he’d tell the whole world that most (probably not all) of those so-called ‘cases’ are in fact misleading and absolutely not accurate of the situation at hand. How else can these petty tyrants and social engineers keep scaring people if everyone found out that the tests are abused in order to align with their new world order / mass depopulation agenda?! I’m not saying they killed him, but I’m saying the timing of his passing is very sus, and yeah, maybe he was ‘silenced’.

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