BTM Podcast S02E07: Real Talk With… Perception Real

This is a totally impromptu episode where I had the good fortune to have a lengthy in-depth candid discussion with 1/2 of Perception Real. This Truther Couple from UK post daily on Instagram, constantly challenging the mainstream media mass manufactured narratives. Initially, it was just supposed to be us getting to know one another, but it evolved into a deep dive into the COVID scam sham demic, secret societies, mental health, New World Order, UFOs, vaccine passports, cognitive dissonance and much much more. It’s jam-packed with lots of wisdom and insight so we decided to release it as a Real Talk With… edition episode.

Link up with Perception_Real on INSTAGRAM and on TELEGRAM

We’re also working on a future collaboration project together. PLUS a crossover podcast event with a frequent guest on my show, JB from The Fail Academy. Big things on the way.

Thank you all for tuning in. Sending Universal Love.



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