Woman PARALYZED after 2nd Pfizer shot. Doesn’t want to blame the 💉

What is WRONG with these people?! Do they not see the direct correlation and causation: Pfizer shot then injury. It just didn’t happen RANDOMLY out of the blue! It wouldn’t have happened otherwise. She wouldn’t have been PARALYZED if she did NOT take the shot. So how can she lie there in her hospital bed and not be furiously irate at Pfizer and call on EVERYONE NOT TO TAKE THIS JAB?!

And yet, Pfizer’s response is extremely telling of how much there care. Meaning, they don’t. This is all one giant experiment, the willing volunteers who consent to getting jabbed are lab rats who have absolutely NO CLUE the dangers they’re putting themselves and their children into. It’s scary how easy it is to manipulate and deceive people into giving up their health freedom. Unbelievably scary to witness all this unfold.

Here’s the REAL REASON why these people DO NOT want to blame the 💉 manufacturers for their injuries: they are AFRAID of getting sued, slandered, or worse. So not only are these Big Pharma tyrants NOT LIABLE for their products CAUSING YOU HARM OR INJURY OR DEATH, they can SUE YOUR ASS if you actually speak out against them.

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