WTF is Joe Biden doing to this Boy?!?!

Who does that, cover a child’s mouth, then whisper in their ear, unless it’s someone with sinister intentions. It doesn’t matter if it’s his grandson or not, you NEVER EVER COVER A CHILD’S MOUTH like that. And, unfortunately, most cases of paedophilia and child molestations happen within the family (i.e. a family member or relative).

What’s even more disturbing is the fact that the thought police gestapo (aka ‘fact checkers’) claim this video is “misleading and/or missing context”. They are literally providing cover for an obvious paedophile! This is NOT the first example of Pedo Joe INAPPROPRIATELY touching little boys and girls. Yet the complicit MSM is totally silent on this issue. Disgusting.

How in the world is this closet pedo the President of the United States of America??? Oh yeah, ‘cuz presidents are SELECTED, not elected.

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