The Great Barrington Declaration: The Voices of TRUSTED science that have gone unheard and ignored by MSM

Have you heard of The Great Barrington Declaration? Chances are, probably not. It’s gone ignored by virtually all of mainstream media. Here why:

On their website, you can read the names of the over 30 scientist of various specialized fields that have co-signed this declaration. Unlike Bill Gates, who has absolutely no qualifications, accreditations, certifications, degrees, or diplomas whatsoever related to the fields virology or immunology or epidemiology, these are men and women who are academically accredited and trained and have the extensive experience necessary of which we can have more confidence in their credibility.

Their position is centred around ‘Focused Protection‘. In other words, the ones who are most at risk due to pre-existing conditions, should take all the necessary precautions to lower any exposure to the coronavirus. And to build up natural herd immunity, which we’ve been doing for our entire existence, let the ones who are strong and healthy, contract the virus (if it does in fact exist), and build the antibodies necessary naturally in order to have the resistance against this virus. This is as nature has always intended. Not some man-made synthetic nanoparticles biotech injection to override and hack our immune system. Just let nature do what it’s been doing all these centuries. Focused Protection for the seniors who might be at risk, for everyone who’s already been diagnosed with an illness or a disease. And the rest of us, we can live our lives like normal sane people do.

The reason this has not been shared or discussed on your fakestream media is that it totally contradicts what the greedy psychopaths like Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and Klaus Schwab have been telling the world for the past year or so. And none of those above-mentioned assholes have any of your/our best interests at heart. It’s just about what’s going to make them richer quicker. If you believe otherwise, you’ve been hoodwinked and bamboozled. Mainstream media and all the government shills are complicit in these egregious crimes against the whole of humankind.

I signed the declaration here. You should consider signing it too. But if you don’t want to, that’s fine.

I’ll leave you with this post that my brother JB from The Fail Academy posted on his page (make sure to follow him on IG):

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