Woops! Numerous clinics giving SALINE SHOTS instead of actual 💉 “totally by mistake” 🙄🙄🙄

Multiple cities are reporting that several clinics have “accidentally” or “by mistake” given out saline shots (instead of the mRNA synthetic nanoparticles biotech Gene Therapy Injection).

I’ll explain why this is being done ON PURPOSE. But first, some screenshots:








And… last one for now (but there are PLENTY MORE EXAMPLES HERE)

Okay so here’s the deal folks. If this was ONE CASE out of the blue, I’d say that’s a mistake for sure. But when you research and find SO MANY EXAMPLES of these supposed saline “mistakes” given totally by “accident”, then you definitely CANNOT ignore the PATTERN.

Here’s my take on it: there are 2 main reasons why these so-called ‘accidents’ keep happening.

  1. It’s a Global Experiment: The Control Group Vs The Test Group

In every experiment, in order to get data on the efficacy of drugs or medications on any given lab rat or test subject, you need to have the actual drug in question administered. The folks who take the actual drug (or in this case, the wackcine), are considered the Test Group. Then you got the folks who just get the placebo, in this case the ‘saline’ shots that are given out ‘WOOPS by mistake!’. These folks are placed under the Control Group. With the data of the results gathered from both groups and their consequent reactions to / from these drugs administered, scientists then formulate a conclusion regarding the drug in question. Is it safe? Effective? Or does it grow an extra limb?

These ‘accidental’ saline shots validate my fact-based assertion that this whole plandemic shamdemic scamdemic is an excuse created to test out the mRNA Gene Therapy synthetic nanoparticles biotech injection on LIVE human beings as part of a giant global experiment. And most of the public is none the wiser. Wilfully consenting to be LAB RATS. Because most people don’t do their own independent unbiased thorough research, and simply rely on TV to feed them information, which they believe without hesitation. It’s quite unfortunate they do not think for themselves and utilize discernment to see through and past the clearly obvious game of deception being played on the whole of humankind.

2. Prevent Mass Panic in the event of mass injuries and wide-spread deaths

I wholeheartedly believe the reason behind these purposeful saline shots given “totally accidentally by mistake” is to curb as much as possible a scenario of mass injuries and wide-spread deaths. Their goal is to jab and chip every single person on earth. If people start dropping like flies after getting their first or second shots, it would create mass hysteria and obviously, people would demand answers (and accountability) from their respective governments. A way to prevent this is to intentionally give out saline shots to a carefully calculated percentage of the population. As a result, it lessens the ratio for for mass injuries and wide-spread deaths caused by these Gene Therapy injection, and the Globalist can ensure their plans for mass depopulation and sterilization go on unhindered.

It is most likely a combination of both 1 and 2. This is a Giant Worldwide Experiment. AND they want to prevent mass injuries and wide-spread deaths from sparking uncontrollable hysteria and panic within the population.

In short, these are definitely most certainly not “accidents” or “by mistake”. And quite frankly, the mainstream media outlets that keep on perpetuating these deceitful narratives are complicit in crimes against humanity.

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