UK: Mainstream Media Blackout of MASSIVE Anti-Lockdown March in London

Yesterday, April 24th, hundreds of thousands of ordinary British citizens took to the streets of central London to take part in a peaceful march to protest against lockdowns and draconian measures which have overtaken all of UK and indeed, much of the world too. I even posted a Live Feed of the march here. Suffice to say, it was a glorious sight to behold. A colourful diverse crowd, all united to defend Freedom, to stand up for their rights and liberties.

Funny how there’s been a total mainstream media blackout regarding this powerful display of solidarity and unity in the face of tyranny. It is quite telling actually. It fucks up their poor fragile narratives. But most importantly, it shows that the 1% absolutely FEAR a United 99%. If this was a BLM march, legacy media outlets would be all over it because it is about Clashes & Divisiveness. But because this march terrifies Big Pharma and their crooked & corrupt soulless sell-out puppets in governments, this was completely ignored by mainstream media, the official propaganda branch of the Globalist Zionist Messianic World Order.

I’m sure the executives at news stations were having complete meltdowns. There was abso-fucking-lutely no way they could’ve spun this story into ‘a small gathering of right-wing conspiracy theorists’. They would’ve looked like such total tools (and FOOLS!). Honestly, they keep proving over and over that they are indeed FAKE NEWS. No one but themselves is to blame for such a title. They rightfully earned it.

Thing is, even with Big Brother Big Tech’s censorship combined, it goes to show AND prove that the PEOPLE WILL NOT BE SILENCED. And the Elites do not want to broadcast that type of Unity and Solidarity across the world. It would give too many people hope (and ideas), and many more would soon realize, WE THE PEOPLE TRULY HOLD ALL THE POWER. We have the numbers on our side. More significantly, WE HAVE THE TRUTH ON OUR SIDE.

SHAME on every single news anchor or reporter that gets a pay check from any mainstream media outlets. You folks have sold out your fellow brothers and sisters of humanity, all in exchange for what? A fuckin’ pay check?! Wait till one day your own children (and grandchildren) grow up in the technocratic authoritarian tyrannical dystopia you helped to set into place. Was it all worth it then? Maybe some of you lack a conscience and don’t give a damn, and it’s just about paying your bills. But I am certain, there are some out there who still believe in a little something called ‘Journalistic Integrity’. If you still do, SPEAK UP and Report The TRUTH. Stop being cowardly propagandists. I’m calling on your sense of humanity, if you are still in touch with it. Stop reading from pre-written scripts, and start doing the job you were meant to do: JOURNALISM.

Wish I could’ve been there yesterday, but I was there in spirit. Alongside our brothers and sisters in the UK, marching peacefully, chanting FREEDOM, mask-less, with HUGE smiles on their faces, like normal human beings were meant to do.

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