Censorship Bill is imminent in Canada

This is NOT good for anyone who truly cherishes Freedom of Expression and the Right to Free Speech in Canada (or elsewhere). Truly, the Great North is slowly yet gradually turning into a draconian authoritarian totalitarian police state nightmare. WTF is happening to Canada?! All this is being done while most of the public is being completely distracted with rotating lockdowns, curfews, stay-at-home orders, provincial border closures, and massive fear-mongering campaigns.

Unfortunately, most people have absolutely no clue that the country is falling into a communist-like regime, they’re too blinded by who’s wearing or not wearing a mask and whose taken the shot or not. Meanwhile, liberties are being decimated. Businesses going out of business. Middle Class evaporating. And not one single politician has had to answer for ANY of their decisions. They have a ‘carte blanche’ to do whatever they want and feel like they can get away with it. No one is holding them accountable! With this ‘global health crisis’, they’ve found the perfect excuse for their corruption and criminality. Oh Canada… will the people Stand On Guard for Thee

Read this article here to learn more about the Censorship Bill.

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