Five Questions for anyone who got the va💉💉ine, or thinking about it

Dear folks who got the 💉 (or seriously considering it),

Not here to judge you, simply trying to understand your “logic” and the state of mind that persuaded you to run off and get this experimental shot.

Here’s 5 simple questions, let’s see if you can answer them HONESTLY without using any of the mainstream media or Big Pharma or government shill talking points that have been recycled over and over to subdue and brainwash the masses. The goal is to hopefully incite you to adapt some form or another of critical thinking.

If any of these questions offend you, ask yourself how come you’re being triggered and what exactly is triggering you? Is it the fact that I’m not eating up all the fear-porn propaganda and regurgitating it like a good obedient mindless zombie, or the fact that perhaps you’ve been lied to, misled and deceived. Take it with a grain of salt. Don’t get pissed at me, I’m not the one trying to shove a needle into you, laced with biotech nanoparticles that have YET to be tested on humans— correction, it is ACTUALLY in the process of being tested right now, and YOU have blindly volunteered your body to be used as a live lab rat test subject, to which you have absolutely NO recourse whatsoever in case you are injured or die because of it, whether immediately or not.

You ready? Here are the Five Questions:

1) Do you realize that getting jabbed is NOT as effective as your own NATURAL immune system?

2) If you seriously trust this man-made synthetic nanoparticles biotech over God/nature’s design so much, why are you SO WORRIED about and concerned with those who have done their in-depth research and made the CONSCIOUS decision not to get injected and not have their DNA altered and not have their immune system hacked?

3) What’s the point of getting injected if it’s NOT GOING TO PROTECT YOU against the very ‘virus’ that you’re so afraid of AND you STILL have to wear a fucking 😷, STILL can’t hug anyone, STILL have to practice anti-social distancing???

4) Do you EVER think for yourself and do your own independent research, or do you always leave others to do the thinking for you?! What are you so afraid of? If government officials and Big Pharma and MSM are NOT lying to you, then obviously, doing research should only confirm and validate their narratives… Unless of course, deep in your mind, you have some doubt, which you are desperately trying to ignore, or maybe you’re just too lazy and wilfully ignorant to bother to do any research whatsoever. Maybe you don’t really care about your body and what goes in it after all. If that’s the case, why are you so paranoid of people who ACTUALLY give a shit about what goes into their body, especially when it comes to injections of any kind, why so paranoid if you’re SO “PROTECTED” ?!

5) How many reviews do you read on Amazon or other sites about trivial items you’re about to purchase before making up your mind and taking a decision. How much time do you invest in reading reviews about resorts or cruises or vacation rentals or cars or homes or whatever?! Have you spent nearly half that time reading up about mRNA, what it stands for and means and does, and what is nanoparticulate and what is biotechnology ??? Why are you so blindly ignorant and willing to allow anyone to inject anything into your body without doing the proper research, are you that naïve to believe that government officials and mainstream and Big Pharma reps would never ever lie to you and to the public in general?! Have you read any history books? How do wars begin? How to tyrannical regimes come into power, is it through people who see the danger and speak out against it, or because of people who blindly submit and willingly comply ? Do you absolutely NOT care about your rights or are you STILL under the false impression that everything will somehow magically go back to ‘normal’ after everyone gets the shot ????

Okay okay, I know, that’s way more than 5 questions.

If you can’t answer them honestly and simply, and feel triggered, than I got some bad news for you: you’ve been indoctrinated and brainwashed. By whom and for what end? I’m not sure you’re ready to hear all that just yet. However, hopefully, I’ve planted a seed or two of Higher Consciousness in you.


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