No Longer a ‘Conspiracy’: Pentagon develops microchip that detects C0V!D under your skin

Hate to say it, but it has to be said: To all the naysayers who at the beginning of this whole SCAMdemic that denied there was a mass vaccination, sterilization, vaxx passport & chip implanting agenda, WE TOLD YOU SO. Keep remaining BLIND, it won’t change what’s happening. I suggest you Wake TF Up.

The PENTAGON has developed a MICROCHIP to detect Covid-19. THE PENTAGON. That’s the MILITARY BRANCH of the United States. Why would the Military Branch need to develop such a technology? Actually, it already existed, they just didn’t have the excuse to be able to implant it into every single man, woman and child on Earth. Now they do. This whole Coronavirus Plannedemic is the TROJAN HORSE they needed in order to be able to chip everyone with the MARK OF THE BEAST. How can anyone NOT fucking see what’s going on?! You really have to be wilfully ignorant and idiotically naive to not see such OBVIOUS signs of the Antichrist Messianic Satanic World Order.

Read this article:

They keep calling us ‘conspiracy theorists’ yet all the theories we’ve been presenting over the years, especially this past year, has come true. And that’s really unfortunate because we don’t want this to be true. We don’t want to live in the fucking insane asylum this world is quickly becoming. But apparently we’re the ‘crazy ones’ for warning people. Not the blind sheep who are complying to tyranny. They’re not crazy, they’re totally sane. Face palm.

We’re due for a fuckin’ apology because unfortunately, we’ve been proven right so many times. But who fuckin’ cares for apologies. We just need people to SNAP out of the hypnosis they’re under. Wake Up. Wake Up. WAKEY WAKE THE FUCK UP.

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