Please watch and share this video if you feel STRONGLY about all these UNCONSTITIONAL ‘mandates’ which are violating and eradicating our rights, liberties and freedoms. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, we MUST TAKE A STAND now, before it’s too late! Organize and Mobilize. We need to show the sleeping sheeple masses we’re not going to allow their psychosis and fears SHUT US UP. None of the ‘laws’ passed make any friggin’ sense whatsoever. More lives are getting ruined and destroyed as a result of all these unconstitutional measures than by this ‘virus’ they’re trying to scare the world with.

And we CANNOT, we ABSOLUTELY CANNOT allow Vaxx Passports to be legislated and come to pass, forcing us to give up whatever shred of Freedoms we have remaining.

It’s time to SPEAK UP or shut up! This needs to be a WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT, not just in the US or Canada, but EVERYWHERE in EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY ON EARTH!!! We need to send a CLEAR UNIFIED MESSAGE that We The People of The World will no longer tolerate this corruption and criminality and injustices to continue to be committed against all of humankind. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, brown, white, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, or what sexual orientation or gender pronoun you want to be referred to by, this is an ASSAULT ON ALL OF US. So, stop letting them create divides amongst us and between us, and START UNITING against our common enemy, the ones who want to control the world and everyone in it. Do it for your parents, grandparents, your children’s sake, or just for yourself, it doesn’t matter, it affects ALL OF US.

The demonstrations need to remain peaceful because we all know how they like to skew things in the propaganda outlets (aka MSM) to make people who want to defend rights and liberties as conspiracy crazies who just want to burn the world down. Don’t give them that ammunition against us. Don’t feed into their narratives. We must be a SHINING EXAMPLE of Unity and Solidarity in the name of Universal LOVE.

This is the original video. And below is a back-up I’ve uploaded directly to this site, in case CensorTube (YouTube) takes it down.

Back up of original video from YouTube
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