Wussup awesome folks, 

Just a quick heads up, for some reason, when I tried to migrate all the posts from Patreon to the new site, it didn’t fully work. Basically, the site imported the posts, but without any pics of videos attached. Bummer I know. And I don’t know how to fix it. I’m not a programmer, just a simple guy trying to get the message out, doin’ it all on his own.  

The problem seems to be: posting directly from the Patreon site is not exporting all the contents of the posts, specifically, not pics or videos into the new site.

The only solution that seems to work is that I post directly from the new site, and designate new posts from now on as ‘For Patreon Members Only‘. Once you’ve logged in (on the new site) using your Patreon sign-in info, than you’ll have access to all those exclusive posts PLUS everything else like the rest of the Blog and the Podcast. But the other problem is: it won’t import those posts from my site into Patreon. 

Therefore, from now on PLEASE just go directly on the site to get access to all the premium content reserved exclusively for you. 

To make it easier, just save the site in your bookmarks, and you can create a shortcut directly to your desktop or on your phone. This way, it’s faster for you, and you don’t need to open a web browser every time to type it in. 

Maybe in the future I’ll develop an app to go along with the site, another hat to add to the list: podcaster, blogger, website creator, meme maker, high consciousness cultivator, and app developer ?!  We’ll see. 

Doin’ my best to give you more bang for your buck as a sign of appreciation for your continued loyalty and support. 

Sending Universal Love.



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