In Quebec, like elsewhere in the world, they are running government-sponsored ads to promote the mRNA Gene Therapy injection (let’s call it what it really is). There’s a series of them. Some on masks, and social distancing, they’re all very lame and corny.

They released new ones recently, all about 💉💉💉. Check this out: they actually have a fucking PHARMACIST telling you you should inject yourself with this Gene Therapy shot. A Pharmacist. Not kidding. What more proof do you want that BIG PHARMA is behind this scamdemic.

Seriously though, what made this goofy looking jibroni qualified enough to know about virology and immunology and vaccines ??? His specialty is drugs! More specifically BIG PHARMA drugs. So they basically have a PAID SHILL from BIG PHARMA telling people that they should take a “vaccine” because well, FUCK YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, that’s why -that’s the essential underlying message here. It’s not like the immune system was Divinely-designed and built on several millennia of biological & genetic evolution. Naw. Fuck all that natural shit. Just trust this man-made synthetic nanoparticles biotechnology which may or may not, but most certainly can and will, alter your DNA. That’s the message of this ad featuring a PAID BIG PHARMA SELLOUT SHILL.

It’s like having a Mechanic come and tell you how you should repair your home plumbing. Or a dentist speak on diseases. 2 words: NOT. QUALIFIED. Do these Government officials that pay for these ads have ANY fucking common sense or are they really relying on the stupidity of the masses?! I’m guessing the later.

In addition, I checked out this Olivier Bernard (goofy name for a goofy-looking sellout). He’s indeed a pharmacist, but also a blogger and -guess what else?- a HUMORIST. LOOOOL What a fuckin’ joke. A HUMORIST. Telling the public to ignore their natural immune system, and take some Big Pharma -manufactured injection. Wonder how much they paid the lame-ass shill? How much was his soul worth? Not much I bet.

Tell me this isn’t some horribly tragic reality TV circus clown show being played on the entire human civilization. The tragedy? A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE ARE FALLING FOR IT. Hook. Line. and Sinker.

I find it hilarious that they turned off the comments for these government sponsored videos. Cuz they know they’d get ridiculed and mocked for putting such dumbass brainwashing crap out there. How much more OBVIOUS do they have to make it? At this point, if you’re not seeing the clearly-obvious deception and willingly falling for it, then you deserve what’s coming. Witnessing this is like watching the patients escape from an insane asylum, take over the world, and most people willingly follow along all their totally insane orders. Who’s really crazy? The ones following the crazies? Or the ones pointing out that the CRAZIES have taken over?

Oh man, I cannot believe people are FALLING for this crap. Wow. WOW. I’m flabbergasted. LOOK THAT UP.

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