I created these memes cuz all we ever hear about is ‘Rona ‘Rona ‘Rona, apparently there ain’t nuthin’ else besides ‘Rona these days. You can’t die of any other diseases, illnesses or causes other than ‘Rona. I also tried making these memes censorship-proof. Hopefully the algorithms won’t give you those annoying ‘We noticed this post is about ‘Rona, so we left a link to a govt website’.

Seriously though, if they cared so much about people’s health, why didn’t they have those when people post pictures of themselves hammered or smoking cigs. We noticed you’re posting a lot of pics with you poisoning yourself every day with nicotine and/or alcohol, so we decided to leave a link to a gov’t website to go SEEK HELP!”. They don’t care about health. They care about WEALTH. It’s all about Da Benjamins baby $$$. Like Wu-Tang says: CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME.

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