For the record, I ain’t a ‘Flat Earther’, I am open to any/all possibilities and probabilities, including one I believe in more and more which is Holographic Simulation. Basically, everything is a projection of our Consciousness. Once you understand that EVERY SINGLE THING is PURE ENERGY, from the microscopic to the macrocosmic, it’s all just electrons, protons and neurons, spinning at such a speed, we think it’s all solid, but it’s actually not. We’re just comprised of the same electrons, protons and neurons, vibrating at the exact same frequency, that we get the illusion of solidity. Otherwise, everything is in continuous constant motion.

And it is precisely this universal energy that darker forces (from beyond our world) try to tap into in order to sustain themselves off of. Whether it’s through channelling it by way of rituals conducted out in the open under the guise of awards or ceremonies or half-time shows, or they instigated through fear by way of their false flags and psyops and this insanity called Covid-19(84), that’s how they continue to stay alive and in power. We take away that energy from them, they will CRUMBLE and FALL. Mark my words, they only survive through the acquiescence of the sleeping gullible naïve fearful masses. That’s why the more we peel back the layers and layers AND layers of their grandiose deception scheme, the more desperate they will get to remain in control. This whole plandemic is the perfect example. The whole narrative is WEAK AF. Shoddy phony crony baloney science based on PCR tests which can be easily manipulated to get any desired outcomes they so please to fit whatever narrative they’re trying to fabricate in order to manufacture willing consent for the globalist satanist transhumanist agenda of Depopulation and Sterilization and Dehumanization through mass vaccinations. But, they’ve been doing it for so long, they’ve gotten really good at the craft. As you can tell by the line-ups of people willing to roll up their sleeves for an experimental mRNA shot which can and most probably will alter DNA.

We can only drop knowledge, in the hopes it will inspire people to dig up the truth for themselves. Space is not just outer… it’s INNER too. And that’s the ULTIMATE frontier, if we truly seek to be a Spacefaring Civilization.


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