I get asked A LOT of questions, but honestly I’m no encyclopaedia. I wish I knew and had ALL THE ANSWERS but that’s the domain of Intelligent Infinity, not mine. Whenever possible, I will always do my best to answer as honestly and authentically as possible.

Jdavisdmf from Instagram asked a really good question here and I promised to get back to him through a podcast, but considering everything on my plate at the moment, I thought it best to drop it in a Blog post.

Basically, the question (see pic above) is regarding the legitimacy of false flags and the existence of reptilians and the Rothchild agenda. That’s a whole lotta information I’m going to have to simplify and summarize. I’ll let you and everyone else dig into those rabbit holes on your own time at your own pace.

False Flags have existed, well since the times of colonization. Pirates would hoist a ‘friendly’ flag up on their ship whenever they saw another ship approaching. Hence, they took on a different identity in order to trick the foe into believing they are friendly, when in fact, they just wanted to get close enough so they can board ship and take over and pretty much pillage whatever treasure may be onboard. Since then, it was evolved into more dangerously tragic and catastrophic events, namely, 9/11. That’s an all-important rabbit hole to dig into because there is just so much overwhelming evidence that it was a planned, staged and completely orchestrated attack to make it look like Al-Qaeda did it, when in fact it was an inside job. Why? To push forward the New American Century plans (#LookThatUp). 3 clues I’ll give you right quick is the TRILLIONS that the Pentagon declared was missing the day prior to 9/11; then it’s Building WTC7 that mysteriously collapsed on its own. Finally, the fact that BBC declared that building went down LIVE ON AIR before it actually even occurred. All that information has been out there for a decade now. It’s nothing new. If those are not enough proof that False Flags do in fact exist, don’t know what is.

Existence of Reptilians, that’s a little more complicated. Has anyone ever seen one with their own eyes? Maybe, maybe not. They do possess advanced cloaking technology as well as cloning. How do I know this, call it Claircognizance (a sort of intuitive knowingness without truly knowing how I know, I just know that I know- hope that made sense). But if you approach this from a strictly religious angle, or a completely closed-off mindset, than you will find this all hard to digest, let alone believe. What do you think the ‘serpent’ in the biblical genesis tale of Adam and Eve represents? That serpent is a metaphor for a reptilian being, which influenced the self-awareness of Eve by feeding her knowledge that took away her innocence, which is deemed ‘the original sin’. The entire tale is an allegory. But in the spirit of keeping it short, I’ll just say, there’s a whole spectrum of the visible universe we do not see, we only see a slither of it. What’s to say there aren’t so many things happening all around us, above us, below us, that we are not aware of because we still don’t possess the ability to perceive it. That’s where extra- / intra- / exo- dimensional beings (like Dracos and Reptilians) dwell and emerge from, that’s what some of the secrets of freemasonry are, that’s what some of their initiations are all about, to open gateways and portals. I’ll leave it at that.

Finally, the existence of Rothschilds. A dynasty which has built its wealth by way of subversion of nations, through their control over central banks, they are oil barons and railroad pioneers, they are the funders of both sides of any war or conflict, they claim to be of Jewish heritage, but truth be told, they are self-proclaimed descendants of Tubal Cain (#LookHimUp) and believe themselves to be superior to the human race, actually, they believe we are savages and primates. They are at their core, luciferians and satanists (true definition of devils in disguise). I believe they are reptilian hybrid humanoids, not fully human but not fully otherworldly beings, they fulfil one purpose, to maintain the reign of the Negative Polarity beings here on Earth. You want proof of their existence? Look up The Balfour Declaration, then answer me this: To WHOM it is written out to? That should address your question.

It is important in all of this not to be limited by cognitive dissonance. There is so much they do not teach us in the Indoctrination Camps (aka schools), because for us to remain subservient serfs serving the Globalist Zionist Bankers Crime Syndicate, aka the Rothchild Cabal, we must know just enough to push the right buttons to make this system work, but not know so much that we realize we truly hold the power and without us, their debt enslavement prison would collapse overnight.

Hope that answers your query. I usually do this exclusively for loyal pledging members of my Patreon, they are contributing to help build up this community. Do consider joining, there are many benefits. Thanks to them, I have been able to afford to take the time to build up this new BlogCast site. Thank you for tuning in to my podcasts Jdavisdmf, much appreciated.

On that note, sending Universal Love.


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