Couldn’t breathe under those other masks, though I really loved them and might still use them from time to time, I decided to redesign the Morphy.X look. It retains the mystery yet still keeps the ego & vanity separate from the work I’m doing. I genuinely don’t care about being famous, all I want is to keep the focus on where it needs to be: The Great Universal Spiritual Ascension Awakening of Humankind’s Collective Consciousness, and of course all the wisdom and knowledge that comes with it.

I love it, and honestly don’t fucking care if nobody else does, never seek validation from external sources. This is y’all special sneak peak. All of this is part of all the major work I been doing behind the scenes to refresh the look of Breaking The Matrix. Also, the new Official website will be launched on the first day of Spring (March 21st aka REBIRTH), make sure y’all check out www.breakingthematrixblogcast.com and drop me your feedback (oh and SAVE IT in your favs / bookmarks). It will have all the content from Patreon exclusive to loyal patrons PLUS the Podcast series AND my old school blog has been migrated over. It’s everything Breaking The Matrix in one stop. Also in a couple of weeks/months, I’ll be dropping some awesome merch. LOTTA WORK !!! Keeping me busy.

I’ll be recording a new podcast episode soon, hopefully this week, releasing it first on Patreon then everywhere else later.

Thanks for all your support. Feel free to share this page with others. Help me get to 25 patrons so I can finally kick off a Live Stream Web Cast Show.


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