Name ONE thing London, the Vatican and Washington DC have in common, well besides having the Obelisk (a phallic symbol), and being illuminati/freemason hubs? 

They’re ALL City-States. Meaning, they’re NOT part of the COUNTRIES they are in. Well, geographically they are, but technically they are their own sovereign micro-nations. 

The shadowy cabal that runs the world has made sure they have installed many buffers between them and the people they rule over. They have learned from the past, it’s better to be running things from WAY WAY WAYYYY behind the scenes and not being known, than to be the face of the country. This way, they can manipulate presidents and prime ministers to their will and who will get the blame when shit hits the fan? The governments (which are behold to the Globalist Zionist Satanist Central Bankers). 

Rule by secrecy and you will amass so much power that you will become mad with it, total megalomania up in the Rothschild Cabal’s house.  

Question: Why do these seemingly unrelated “cities” each have their own Obelisk monument? I’ll let you dig into that Rabbit Hole on your own…. Hint: It’s all got to do with the Ancient Egyptian Empire. I’ll leave it at that. The rest is up to you to uncover at your own pace. 



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