Folks, I’ll put it as simple & plain as possible:

We are in the FIGHT of our LIVES.

There is a WAR ON HUMANITY going on, it’s a WAR ON CONSCIOUSNESS.

Most people are so innately and helplessly inured by and for and to the system which has enslaved their minds, thanks to the indoctrination camps/centers known as ‘schools’, that they will fight to defend this technocratic fascist insanity tyranny. They will defend their own oppressors, their own masters, because they lack any ability whatsoever to think critically and independently let alone be discerning.  Quite honestly, it’s a sad existence, but I’m not passing judgement, as I know that these lost souls will have to keep coming back to this realm over and over and OVER till they finally realize, that the true meaning of life is being in alignment from within and throughout to the frequency and energy of UNIVERSAL LOVE

People often wonder how was Hitler able to attain so much power and influence over people? When you can control the flow of information, like Big Tech is doing currently through Mass Purges and Targeted Censorship, you can control people’s minds and perceptions because you control the narrative.  This is what we are witnessing. YouTube deleted my account recently, according to them, I was ‘violating’ their ‘community guidelines’, because I was uploading and sharing content which was exposing the Satanic Pedophile Cult that is reigning terror on our wonderful world. Additionally, I was not pushing the manufactured fear-mongering propaganda narratives  on this so-called ‘health crisis’ plandemic/scamdemic/shamdemic. All because I have a mind of my own, and capable of discernment, and haven’t fallen for the psyops. When you speak truth to power, and they silence you, you know you’re on the right track. Thanks YouTube for well giving me confirmation, not that I ever seek it from any external sources, but it feels good knowing I’m on the right path. 

Point being, this war on humanity is an attack on our consciousness, it is perpetuated by those who are desperately trying to maintain control over this realm and over all of humanity. These negative polarity self-serving beings only survive by sustaining themselves off of lower frequencies of energies and emotions, such as hatefulness, divisiveness, bigotry, ignorance, fear, violence, chaos, wars, destruction, despair, hopelessness. When we unite, when we come together in solidarity, when we see past our petty differences, and not allow religions or race or politics or anything else to divide us, when we see past their gaslighting tactics, when we don’t fall prey to their weaponization of fear, when we maintain sovereignty over our consciousness and never let it succumb to their psyops and false flags and false illusions, nor partake in their divide & conquer agendas which have us fighting against one another over mundane man-made ideologies, when we sever their hold over our consciousness, that’s when we OVERCOME them. 

It’s going to take a lot of INNER work. People who solely identify with their ego,  which basically keeps them attached to materialism and vanity and superficiality and shallowness, these are the people who will be the first victims of this War on Humanity’s Consciousness.  The people who think because they have a masters degree or PhD it automatically makes them more important/intelligent than others; or the ones that believe their status in society/community and position in their careers/jobs gives them a right to be self-entitled brats. These are old patterns of thinking which do not serve humanity in The Great Spiritual Ascension Awakening. It’s time to see past the physical and material, and look deeply into our God-given connection to the Living Breathing Cosmos all around us. It’s time for us to take our rightful place in the Universal Family we belong to. 

Indeed, there are maleficent beings  in this realm who count on The Law of Consent to keep their power and control over us, but it is the Law of One that unites us to Intelligent Infinity and all the benevolent beings in the ‘Galactic Federation’. Call this a channeling, or musings of Higher Consciousness, whatever you wanna view it as, I hope you take it as a Message of Hope to Empower YOU not to give up, cave in or lose touch with your Higher Self. 

I know most people are used to me speaking on ‘crucial, critical and CONTROVERSIAL’ topics, but I have to always balance this knowledge out with some positivity and inspirational wisdom. 

We win this War by RECLAIMING OUR MINDS, RECONNECTING WITH OUR SOUL/ SPIRIT/ HIGHEST SELF, and tune inwardly outwards through prayer and/or meditation and/or deep introspective reflection, and become ONE with the AWESOME POWER of UNIVERSAL LOVE. 

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