Just writing to give everyone a head’s up… my mother passed away yesterday, just a few weeks shy of her 75th birthday… she died not because of the COVID-19 Psyops Virus, but because of all the lockdowns, it finally took a toll on her…

Honestly, anyone who thinks keeping our seniors in isolation is humane and proper treatment in order to keep them protected from this supposed killer Virus deserves a swift roundhouse kick to the back of the head. 

After the long life they’ve lived, giving us their all, these are the years in which our elders are supposed to be treated with Compassion, Kindness, Dignity and Decency… but instead, they’re treated like PRISONERS in their own homes, not allowed to hug their grandchildren, or do all the fun activities they need in order to support their mental and physical wellbeing.
My mother was a social butterfly, a well-respect and highly-regarded member of the community, and for the last 8 years, has been living in a retirement home. It took her a year or so to adjust to living on her own (something she’s never done before in her life), but we were always there for her. However, ever since March 2020, her health started deteriorating… Not being able to go out to see her friends, or have them over, or be able to spend quality time with her family and grandchildren, was clearly impacting her more negatively than any virus would. Fact of the matter is, I’ve witnessed with my own two eyes, the adverse consequences of these illegal and unlawful restrictive measures. They tell us it’s for the safety of our senior citizens, but they couldn’t give TWO FUCKS about how these quarantines which keep them isolated DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD

At one point, the building where mom was living, would allow visitations but only outside in their garden, and we had to be 6 fucking feet away with masks on (WTF?!). I remember, my mother who was full of life a year prior, seeing her so depressed, and she even said to us: I feel like I’m living in a prison. It made my heart ache then, and still does to this day.

So yeah, I totally blame the Covid-19 for the death of my mother, but not the virus itself, rather the disastrous response to it and all these inhumane measures imposed upon our senior citizens and elders who only live for their grandchildren… once you keep them separated and isolated, they eventually lose the will to live, and become more susceptible to depression, anxiety, loneliness, and thus fall into bad health physically, emotionally and mentally… anyone who tells me otherwise is lying to themselves and definitely has no humanity or compassion in their heart.

I’ll be taking a bit of time off to deal with the grief of this loss (which leaves a giant whole in my heart — not a momma’s boy, just close to mom), but don’t worry, I’ve got tons of posts future-dated / post-dated/ queued up for the next couple of weeks. I just won’t be able to answer private message on here or other platforms. 

Sending Universal Love.
– Morphy.X

PS: I rarely ever bring my private life into the work I’m doing here, so this was extremely gut-wrenching to write… 

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