Lately on the News you keep alienating those with different point of views.

Labelling us \’Conspiracy Theorists\” because we\’re not easily brainwashed like most of the masses.

Saying we\’re the ones spreading \”misinformation\” when you don\’t even tell the full story.

Who pays for the advertisements on your channel? Who pays your salary? Who owns your station?

Whom are you ALL beholden to? Do you still have ANY Ethical Journalistic Integrity left? Or is unbiased ethical journalism completely dead?!

Do you even bother to INVESTIGATE all the claims we are making? Or does it make your lives and jobs easier to simply dismiss all the FACTS we present. If it\’s a CONSPIRACY like you say: PROVE IT through an extensive comprehensive in-depth fact-based objectively-analytical non-partisan investigative research. No? Too much trouble for you? Guess what, that\’s what we do and we do it without salary, we do it because we care for the state of humanity. Because what you seek is glorification, acknowledgement from your peers and straight up egotistical vanity. 

Just because we question the motives or agenda behind a story, that automatically makes us \’white supremacist\’ or \’radical conservatives\’? Huh, how is that even logical? But I guess if you guys stoop low, you think we do too? Actually, that\’s a PRIME EXAMPLE of what MISINFORMATION is. Purposely putting information out there to MISLEAD / CONFUSE the public by DISTORTING THE FACTS. Which is something legacy media outlets have become pros at. 

Fact is most of us in the Truth Community DO NOT associate ourselves with any political and/or radical ideologies whatsoever. We do it out of Universal Love, we do it out of compassion, we do it with passion, it\’s selfless work. No awards, no trophies, all for the sake of waking up more souls to this grandiose illusion we\’ve been sold.

Maybe it\’s tough for you to come to terms with the fact that our world is run by psychotic sociopathic megalomaniacal satanic pedophiles who have an insatiable appetite for greed and more control over the world. Too harsh? Can\’t handle it? It\’s okay I get it, most can\’t overcome the threshold of Cognitive Dissonance so they remain in ignorance and denial their entire lives, because hey, that\’s where the comfort zone is at. But we all know, NO ONE grows living their entire lives in the comfort zone.

Just because you are holding on to your comfort zone (like a kid to a safety blanket), it doesn\’t give you the right nor authority to judge us for being the mature ones with enough mental fortitude to overcome such barriers and ask the TOUGH QUESTIONS you\’re too afraid to explore. Just because we have the intellectual capacity to think critically and independently and be discerning, and just because we\’re brave enough to dig into the Rabbit Holes and uncover the deep dark disturbing \’secrets\’ and try to expose them, doesn\’t merit nor warrant us being labelled \’conspiracy theorists\’. We\’re doing YOUR JOBS, you\’re the ones who are supposed to be INFORMING the public? Or is that no longer in your job description ??? Maybe now, all you do is peddle propaganda on behalf of whomsoever is paying your network\’s bills… Big Pharma ? Military Industrial Complex ? Wall Street? Big Corp? To whom are you obligated towards? Certainly not We The People. 

Wanna know why you\’re called \’Fake News\’ and losing trust amongst more and more people? Because you are LEGALLY allowed to lie to the public. How can ANYONE trust that? There\’s always 3 sides to a story: one person\’s side, the other person\’s side and then there\’s the TRUTH, which you seem to not care about nor have any desire to report on. 

Being the pied pipers of the War Racket doesn\’t earn you trust either.

I understand it\’s probably jour jobs to keep this illusionary reality going, to continue to manufacture consent/consensus through fabricated narratives pre-approved by a board of directors or shareholders or any assortment of private groups that have their own self-interest at heart and who\’d probably benefit from remaining in the shadows to keep playing the population like fiddle. 

I understand that you probably feel ZERO obligation to report truthful stories and it\’s all about collecting a paycheck at the end of the day. If that\’s the case, you\’re in the WRONG FIELD. 

What is \’news\’ anymore? Is it there to generate ratings and garner awards? Are you just there to sell airtime for marketing firms of multi-national corporations and in between the ads, you have to have fillers. What is deemed \’news worthy\’ and what isn\’t ? What are the criteria\’s to determine newsworthiness? If it sparks outrage and gets a desired reaction from the public to fit a certain narrative that the Elites / 1% want our attention focused on? And if our outrage doesn\’t fit the narrative or goes against it, then that\’s when the smear campaigns and spin stories are initiated in order to cast doubt on the information we uncover, all to make sure the public remains clueless to what\’s really going on. So you have a monopoly over cynicism on the information we share, but we\’re not allowed the other way around and scrutinize your narratives or otherwise be labelled \’conspiracy theorists\’… is that how it goes?   

So let me just get this straight, just because we\’re NOT buying into whatever narratives you\’re desperately trying to sell, we\’re automatically cast out? Yet you have the nerves to pretend to care about inclusiveness. Either you\’re FOR THE TRUTH or against those who are working tirelessly selflessly to uncover it. You can\’t have it both ways, so CHOOSE A SIDE. Time\’s ticking…..  

There is NO politics or ideologies involved in sharing the Truth. No left or right or liberal or conservative. No personal feelings involved either (like I always say: FACTS DON\’T GIVE A F–K ABOUT YOUR, MINE OR ANYONE\’S FEELINGS). Facts are just that, just straight Up FACTS, not posing or pretending to be something they\’re not, they tell a story, maybe not a story everyone wants to hear, but they have A LOT to say if you pay close attention. Oh, and if you genuinely care about the \’Truth\’ as your job intends, you\’d RESEARCH and INVESTIGATE all the claims the so-called \’conspiracy theorists\’ are sharing, instead of just simply brushing it off. DO YOUR JOB. Research what we put out there. No excuses for willful ignorance in the age of vast databases of information easily and readily accessible at our fingertips. It\’s a giant web of deceitfulness, so don\’t expect answers easily through traditional/typical sources. 

And it all boils down to a question of MORALITY and Integrity. No virtue-signaling on our side. No marketing campaigns disguised as \’news stories\’. We\’re not beholden to anyone or anything besides humankind and the undeniable irrefutable unbiased unadulterated uncensored unwavering Truth.

At the end of the day, we can look ourselves in the mirror and still see our Soul intact, we can sleep with a good conscience knowing we\’re on the righteous side of history… can you say the same? 

Oh… and just because we consciously decide to choose to think independently, critically and be discerning, and question the status quo, doesn\’t make us \’conspiracy theorists\’. It is a sign of an intelligent intellectual person to expand their own sovereign sense of self-awareness and connected oneness with the Universe. Or is that \’TOO DEEPLY PROFOUND\’ for you to comprehend because it\’s not something they taught you in the universities you attended to acquire those degrees / validation certificates to get you that job in which you\’re not allowed to be your own individual unique free-minded person, but to be a sheep herder and further propagate a groupthink cult-like mentality??? If that\’s NOT that case, then you\’re DEFINITELY in the wrong field.

Giving only HALF-TRUTHS, or sharing only ONE SIDE of the story, that\’s MISINFORMATION. We give THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT, maybe that\’s why you feel THREATENED by our community of independent researchers? Maybe that\’s why you and your cohorts in Big Tech are working to shut us down, because we threaten your credibility and your overall control to shape and mold the public\’s perceptions of the world and of our reality. Who\’s really spreading \’misinformation\’ here? Are you working to FREE PEOPLE\’S MINDS or to keep it chained within a paradigm that continues to feed off our ignorance and fears? 

You can call us tin-foil-hat-wearing wack jobs if that\’s what makes you feel less insecure and sleep better at night. But deep down, in your CORE, you know something\’s terribly rotten and wrong in our world. Denying it won\’t make it go away. Ignoring it will not make it disappear. Only by facing our own demons and overcoming them, can we be in the true service of Universal Love and be selfless servants of The Great Universal Spiritual Ascension Awakening (i.e. the \”leveling-up\” of Humanity\’s Collective Consciousness\”).

But… I\’m sure this will fall on deaf ears, and muted minds, who have absolutely zero knowledge of their intangible intertwined connection to the Living Breathing Ever-Expanding Cosmos…. Maybe, we\’re the ones who are ahead of our time and your level of intellect hasn\’t caught up yet. Just because you don\’t see what we see and don\’t know what we know and just because you refuse to PUT IN THE DEDICATION, PERSEVERENCE and WORK to do the research (and would just rather brush off anything that\’s not considered \’mainstream\’ or fear what your colleagues/friends/family might think of you if you thought outside the box), that doesn\’t make us \’conspiracy theorists\’, and doesn\’t make you superior to us. Nor we to you. But you do have A LOT OF CATCHING UP TO DO if you want to be part of the Emerging World forged in the spirit of Universal Love and Oneness.

Labelling someone/people something they\’re not is a classic case of gaslighting, a dirty and underhanded psychological tactic but it\’s not going to work. Wanna know why? Because we\’re proud to be whom we are. We haven\’t compromised our soul, nor our minds or hearts in the name of recognition or a paycheck or for the sake of a career. Yes, it\’s a tough struggle for us, we have to find other ways to survive but we\’re at peace knowing we haven\’t sold out. It\’s never too late to reclaim your Higher Consciousness and reconnect with ethical principles.

This piece is dedicated to Julian Assange, and His Fighting Spirit to expose the war crimes of the US Imperialistic Hegemony but is the one being treated like a criminal for the honest journalism he dared to deliver to the world. Something truly rare nowadays.

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