Man, I got SO MUCH RESPECT for this Lawyer (which says A LOT since I don\’t always have respect for lawyers), and especially the calm and collected demeanor in which he OBLITERATES and EVISCERATES this DUMBASS soul-less sellout MSM anchor– sorry, meant to say CLOWN. It feels GREAT hearing someone TELL IT LIKE IT IS. The STRAIGHT FACTS and nothing more. He doesn\’t insult her, he doesn\’t name call her or use any racial slurs, he simply tells her the TRUTH about how much BOTH liberal and conservative media outlets have damaged and fractured the United States. ALL FOR RATINGS. Sad. How do these \’news\’ folks feel any kind of pride when they look into the mirror and not feel complete shame for being total HACKS with ZERO journalistic integrity. Wow. 

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If they lie to us on a constant basis about pretty much ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, and it is TOTALLY LEGAL for them to do so, how can we believe or TRUST anything they say? Especially when it comes to this PLANDEMIC?! 

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