Beware of the multi-headed SWAMP creature.

It devours common sense, freedom of speech & expression, your rights and liberties, the Constitution and anything that contradicts the zionistream /fakestream/ fearstream/ mainstream fabricated narratives.

It\’s not concerned about anything besides it\’s insatiable appetite for more power, more control, more tyrannical totalitarian draconian dystopian \’laws\’. It couldn\’t care less for the wellness and wellbeing of anyone who isn\’t kissing its ass or feeding it more weapons of mass destruction as well as more wars for it to test them out in. It\’s selfish, self-centered, egotistic, self-serving and completely void of any sense of compassion or humility.

It\’s unhinged, deranged and completely out of control. And it is out to GOBBLE UP America and the Rest of the World.

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