Still \”TrUsT ThE pLaN\” ??? Exposed what? Q is for novice folks who just began their journey into uncovering the fucked up truths of our beautiful world. Nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING NEW was exposed. Stop being naive and gullible, the Great Deceiver will fool even the staunchest of believers. When you\’ve been reading and researching for DECADES, going down one rabbit 🐰🕳️ after another and another and another, you recognize patterns and see through facades and charades. You can spot a False Flag and Psyops coming a mile away. Q served its purpose, subvert and politicize and divide the Truth community along fictitious party lines. Both parties are CORRUPT AF. ALL PRESIDENTS ARE PUPPETS whether they realize it or not. So come to terms with this and stop letting divisiveness come between your brothers and sisters of humanity (nationalism is how they divide and conquer us), we are ALL under attack by the same nefarious sinister sociopathic satanic psychotic demented deranged demonic forces who will not rest till we\’re all completely subdued living in fear feeding them our energies… Think more Universally. Become a shining light of hope and a beacon of Universal Love, that\’s how we free ourselves from their grip but also elevate Humanity\’s Collective Consciousness. BLESS ✊✊✊
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