This is where the world is heading. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO EVERYTHING SHE IS SAYING. These are NOT \’conspiracy fucking theories\’. That\’s what THEY want you to think it is so you don\’t dig deeper and find the truth on your own. It\’s also so we don\’t overthrow them! 

This is all tied to and part of \’The Great Reset\’. But they cannot (and God-willing, WILL NOT) succeed if WE ALL REFUSE TO COMPLY with their New World Order agenda. This is NO TIME for complacency, ignorance, denial, fear, compliance and obedience to Draco-Orwellian Totalitarian Tyrannical Technocratic Fascist \’laws/mandates\’. This is time for UNITY, SOLIDARITY, AWAKENING, EMPOWERMENT, COURAGE, TOGETHERNESS, ONENESS, and UNIVERSAL LOVE!!! They will come at humanity (like they have been) at full force. We need to be prepared Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically. This is a War on our Consciousness. WAKE UP. Before it\’s too late.

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