Twitter Censoring Trump

DISCLAIMER: I am not nor have I ever been a Trump/MAGA/GOP/Republican supporter. 


Trump is getting hardcore censored on Twitter. I repeat, a sitting president is getting heavily censored by a tech company (it\’s a private company so technically, they can do whatever the fuck they want). Do I agree with what Trump says? No, not all the time (I agree with his statement that MSM news outlets are Fake News). Does he have a right under the Constitution to say it? YES. Unless he\’s spouting hatred, or bigotry, I will defend Freedom of Speech, even if what he says doesn\’t make any fucking sense. Censorship is what Dictatorial Tyrannical Regimes use to silence their opponents and dissidents. With Biden Harris, this will only get worse, especially with Agenda 21 / 2030 and Event 201 in play, as well as The Great Reset and Dark Winter on the way.

The question is WHY are they trying so hard to censor him? What are they so afraid of? What part of Trump\’s tweets are deemed a threat to the establishment? Is there some kind of agenda? Is he part of the agenda, playing a role? I\’ll let you decide that on your own. Not here to brainwash people. Yes Twitter, Facebook, Google are all private companies, they can do whatever they want, however this clearly points to a bias on their part, which favors one candidate over another, and that\’s considered a soft form of collusion and/or mass manipulation.

All these folks that were celebrating in the streets when Joe Biden was declared \’President Elect\’ (as per PROJECTIONS by CNN, not certified yet!) have absolutely no fucking clue what\’s coming and they will end up regretting their decision once they see how crippling and devastating a national mandatory police-enforced lockdown crackdown quarantine will be (which Biden fully supports). And the Biden Harris administration are undoubtedly in the hands of Big Pharma. Mandatory vaccinations??? Chipping??? Bill Gates is happy and excited for this win, that\’s reason for concern in itself.

If Trump\’s campaign have hard evidence and physical proof that there has been election tampering or cheating, they need to present their case clearly and factually.  We The People demand transparency and accountability.


If you\’ve ever wondered what Gas-Lighting looks and sounds like, watch this interview of Trump on \’60 Minutes\’ where at every possible turn at almost every question he\’s being asked, he gets interrupted and hard-balled, but it doesn\’t even phase him. He\’s used to it. The interviewer Lesley Stahl definitely shows her and the network\’s true colors: completely unprofessional, distastefully biased, and remarkably un-journalistic in every sense. 

These are just some recent examples of how Legacy Media (aka MSM, fakestream, lamestream, zionistream, fakestream media) and Big Tech are working in collusion with the DNC/Democrats/Joe Biden campaign to try to derail, censor, gaslight and impede upon Donald Trump. Like I mentioned in the disclaimer: I have never been a Trump fan or supporter, I still see him as a puppet (go read previous posts), but I am and will always be a proponent of responsible & respectful Free Speech. 

For those who don\’t know what gas-lighting is, it\’s basically when a person tries to intentionally anger/provoke someone else, gets the desired response, than acts like they are the victim when the person does finally get irate at them and they use that as an excuse to say \”look, he\’s or she\’s the bad one here, I didn\’t do anything, I\’m innocent, but look at how angry and/or violent this person got\”. Suffice to say, it is VERY immature. Only low frequency people use this dirty tactic to try and smear someone else\’s character and reputation. 

DISCLAIMER: I am not nor have I ever been a Trump/MAGA/GOP/Republican supporter. 

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