On this \”Real Talk With…\” edition of Breaking The Matrix Podcast, my special guest is Ali Zeck.

Ali Zeck is a health freedom, informed consent and trauma from relationship advocate who writes and speaks about her experiences to help others who may be suffering from mental health issues and toxic and abusive relationships.

She was erroneously put onto psychiatric drugs in college and was on and off them for the next two decades, and the drugs and her combined abuse and trauma led to numerous psychiatric hospital stays and suicide attempts. In 2016 she met a holistic psychiatrist, Kelly Brogan, who helped get withdraw from the psychiatric drugs. Ali radically changed her diet and her lifestyle to focus on really healing, and has spent the last four years healing the effects of the drugs and healing from very substantial relationship abuse.

She advocates for Informed consent for pharmaceuticals and vaccines and believes that the majority of mental illness we see today is a result of abuse, trauma, allergies to food , drug reactions, or other things that can be healed with an approach of seeking root cause.

Ali has been medication free for 4.5 years now.

We covered many important and profound topics during this episode.

Part 1: Mental Health and Toxic Relationships; Ali\’s courage to overcome and share her story to help others and her future plans:

Part 2: Instagram Censorship, Plandemic, Endgoal and Face Masks:

Part 3: Parallels between Toxic Relationships and what\’s happening to Humanity on a Global Scale; and Ali\’s prediction for 2020 Election!:


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