TRIGGER WARNING: This post might induce cognitive dissonance for those who still refuse to open their 3rd eye and see things as they are (not as what they appear to be). It might also trigger anxiety for anyone who\’s ever experienced physical/sexual abuse as a child. Continue reading at your own discretion. 

Wayfair is like the Amazon of furniture. It seems like it\’s also being used for –ALLEGEDLY– child trafficking. Whether Wayfair management are in on it, part of it, remains to be seen although there is more and more dots being connected and it doesn\’t look too good for them. 

The \’WayfairGate\’ scandal summed up: There are certain products listed (cabinets, pillows, rugs, etc) on the site with ASTRONOMICALLY OUTRAGEOUS PRICE TAGS, and someone, somewhere, looked up the SKU codes + entered \’ussrc\’ using the Russian search engine Yandex (which I don\’t recommend you trying or risk getting a knock on the door from FBI) and the search results yield pictures of young girls, underage/minors, in sexually suggestive positions and barely clad with any clothing. Fucking Disgusting. Also, the names of these extremely-overpriced items listed on Wayfair, appear to also be the names of missing children. Yeah, I know, WTF right?!

Pedophiles are known to use the dark/deep web to circulate/hide their filth, but this next level shit is hidden right on the surface web, and left for those who are \’in the known\’. Not sure who exactly made this disturbing discovery, but obviously, Wayfair has come out and flatly denied & categorically dismissed any type of involvement whatsoever with child trafficking. 

Social media fact checkers are obviously having a field day trying to censor any content related to \’Wayfairgate\’, bunch of brainless soulless sellout shills. Meanwhile, MSM has remained largely mute/silent, or -like always- drops a 30 second totally biased/skewed report which labels it as just another crazy wacky wonky \’conspiracy theory\’. Fucking scumbags, covering up for pedophiles. DO YOU WORK, INVESTIGATE. 

In any event, I\’ve taken the liberty, initiative and time to curate and compile a couple of videos that delve deeper into this topic of WayfairGate. Be warned, it\’s not for the faint of heart. Alas, we (the awakened ones who get labelled as crazies or conspiracy nutjobs) have been exposing things like this for ages now, we\’ve been trying to warn the masses of a fucked up cult of sociopath psychopath ruling class of criminal murderous bloodthirsty pedophiles. 

Timing of this is also strange/intriguing, considering the supposed \’arrest\’ by the FBI of Jeffrey Epstein\’s accomplice, friend, Madame and underage girls recruiter/groomer, Ghislaine Maxwell. There was also a large bust in Germany last week of a huge underground pedophile ring. Coincidence, hmmmmmm…??? 

FYI: Apparently, this isn\’t just happening on Wayfair, it\’s also on Etsy and Amazon… ALLEGEDLY.

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